Photo by Chamonix Rattue
Photo by Chamonix Rattue

Thoughts from the Artist

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about titles, categories, and how to fit all of my ideas into separate compartments. I believe this stems from my time in the commercial jewelry world. Allow me to explain. There are titles for designers, CAD modelers, setters, engravers, goldsmiths, jewelers, gemologists, and so on.

For the past few years I have been trying to figure out how to explain that I am a designer, a CAD modeler, and a jeweler that does fabrication, setting, and engraving work. What is that called? And while it might matter to some jewelry industry people, do jewelry lovers and wearers who aren't a part of the industry even care? Or understand the difference? In the commercial jewelry world, there isn't much of this type of overlap between titles, and within that construct, I was trying to figure out how I fit.

And then it hit me. The answer was really so simple. When I graduated from college, I did so as an artist. At the time, the term felt like it held some sort of elitist status that I didn’t think I could measure up to. In addition, there is an ongoing argument in the art world about craft versus art, makers versus artists. I graduated with a sculpture degree, so for the sake of this paragraph, I'm going to use the term artist. I may have taken a windy route through the commercial side of jewelry to perfect my skill set, but at the end of the day, a designer who physically makes their own pieces, and does so with intention, is an artist.

So be gone all of you industry labels. For today, I will just be Adrienne Krieger. Artist.