cast plants- sweet pea earrings in silver and gold

Thoughts from the Artist: A Study of Plants in Metal.

Welcome to my portfolio site,  a combination of jewelry, metal work, and small sculpture. Within this framework, I study the environment around me, especially the flora within my urban setting. This happens daily as I walk through the city, collecting pieces and photos of the plants I feel inspired by. Plants are life that support more life. The further into this project I get, the more mysterious, complicated, and miraculous it all seems

The work you see here is a result of my recent obsession with plants. I photograph, pick, dry, display, form in metal, sketch and think about them constantly in the context of jewelry and metal.

Seattle is a moisture rich environment, supporting the quick and plentiful growth of plants. I grew up in Colorado. While beautiful in its own right, it felt barren and brown. I think that is why I am so intrigued with the greenery of this place. The mini forests scattered all over the city and the varieties of plants that grow here are simply amazing.

As somewhat of an environmentalist, I feel compelled to support and protect a balanced approach to natural life cycles. This includes, documenting what I see by way of art. It is facinating to watch how plants grow, what lives in the folds, and how this changes from season to season. I look closer and closer at the plants I pass, and with each glance, I see something new. This intrigue with how we change our environment and how our environment supports life, keeps me gravitating toward these nature-inspired forms in my work.

If I am honest, I believed (with annoyance) that flowers and plants in art are totally overdone. With that admission, I can’t help but have joined in the enthusiasm and mysticism that endures when it comes to the life that grow around us.

The work you see here is evolving, just like the subjects that I study. I will continue to update as new work emerges. Please use the Contact page if you are interested in purchasing any of the work you see here. To see my custom jewelry design studio and shop, please visit Everling Jewelry, located in Seattle, WA.


Model resting against Ivy Plants