Light Trespass

Cast silver and 14k yellow gold bear paw earrings sitting on a bear paw succulent plant

For a while now, I have been researching the effects of artificial light on our environment, from migration disruption, to sleep deprivation. This notion that light is “good “ is a defining theme in our culture running unbridled throughout our landscapes. Yet all of this light is consuming our energy and disrupting our bodies, like the…

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Driving for Color

Looking for color. Color study Seattle.

Last week I spent a couple hours driving around Seattle on a crisp fall day with my windows down and my heater up. I was taking in the sights and smells of the city as I documented my short journey. But my day didn’t start with the city, It began in a search for the…

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A Closer Look

Upclose look at an iris

One of my favorite things about spring right now is taking a closer look at the details of how plants grow. There are repeating shapes and overlapping patterns that make my math side giddy. And yet, I have so much reverence  and quiet interest in these building blocks of life. It takes a surprising amount…

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