Chasing Fog

One of my favorite things about fall in the Pacific Northwest is the fog. I am typically an early riser, loving the calm of the morning. But on the mornings when I look out and see fog, I lose all sense of calm, dragging my partner from bed with more enthusiasm than he is ready for. I just want to be first to our front row view of this magical haze.

If the fog is really thick and it doesn’t look like the sun is burning it away too quickly, we make coffee to-go to help with the shock of the cold morning air. But most mornings, there isn’t time. We rush down to Lake Washington as fast as we can to catch a glimpse of the thick fog hanging over the lake, gently lifting and dissipating with the rise of the sun.

When the show over and the sun is hanging in the sky, we drift home to start our day.

The sun rising through mist over boats on still water.